Simple as 1,2, 3

No experience necessary to operate our ‘easy to use’ PA and lighting systems. 

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3

  1. Choose the music that you want to hear from your own music collection.
  2. Load the songs onto your iPod/mp3 player/laptop etc.
  3. Plug your device into our PA system and press play.

We provide all of the leads and connectors that you will require, you just provide the music and a device to play it on.

Package 1 – £70

If you want LOUD music then this is the package for you.


  • 2 x Active speakers (15″ bass speakers)
  • 2 x Speaker stands
  • 2 x Speaker power cables
  • 1 x Speaker conection cable
  • 1 x Audio connection cable
  • 2 x Power extension reels

Package 2 – £60

Example uses for this package would be: background music at a function, talking to a large group of people, children’s party or a singer songwriter performance. It is not recommended for a party in a large venue.


  • 2 x Speakers (8″ bass speakers)
  • 1 x Amp tower
  • 2 x Speaker connection cables
  • 1 x Audio connection cable
  • 1 x Power cable
  • 1 x Power extension reel

Package 3 – £50

This speaker has an internal battery and can run for up to 8 hours.
If you are in a location that does not have mains power then this could be ideal for you. Still loud and proud.!


  • 1 x Battery powered active speaker (15″ bass speaker)
  • 1 x Speaker stand
  • 1 x Speaker power cable
  • 1 x Audio connection cable
  • 1 x Power extension reel
  • 1 x Wireless microphone

Package 4 – £30

This light package is very simple to setup and can provide an awesome light show.


  • 1 x Light Stand
  • 5 x Disco Lights
  • 1 x Power extension cable

Package 5 – £15

This wireless mic package is compatible with packages 1 or 2.


  • 2 x Wireless Microphones
  • 1 x Receiver Unit
  • 1 x Power Supply

Package 6 – £15

Add a little smoke to make a light show even more spectacular. Before hiring, please ensure there are no smoke alarms in the venue as this will set them off.


  • 1 x Smoke Machine
  • 1 x Tank of fluid

*Package Prices
We do not charge per day. Instead we charge for a ‘hire period’ (maximum of 5 days).
We feel this offers you more flexibility as you do not have to rush to collect and return the equipment.
An example:
You want to hire Package 1 for Saturday night. Therefore you could collect on Thursday evening. Use the equipment on Saturday, then return the equipment back to us on Monday evening. The total cost would be £70

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“A great sound system will only get you as far as the engineers’ ability to mix.”

Burt Beastnanny

CEO, WonderSpeakers